no religion, just jesus

Be Disciples, Make Disciples

Glorifying God by moulding each member into the image of Jesus Christ, 

and mobilising all to minister the Word of God to the world

Welcome to Crossroads

Welcome to Crossroads Baptist Church. We are a small church and we do everything we can to take advantage of that. We enjoy the closeness we have and we save a ton on chocolate biscuits. Don't misunderstand, we would love to see the place packed out with Jesus followers. We really would. No, what I mean is that we are not interested in simply filling seats. I'll tell you what brings us a lot of joy. We love sharing Jesus with others and showing even the smallest act of kindness. We want to vigorously live what we see in the Bible and magnify Jesus Christ in everything we do. Added to that we like to laugh as much as humanly possible. Feel free to join in. 

Where We Meet

We meet Sundays at 4 PM because we love to sleep in. We gather at the Turpington Lane Community Centre, just past Bromley College before Bromley Common. The Address is:

Turpington Lane, Bromley, BR2 8JA

If you would like to come and worship with us, then feel free. The door is always open. Actually it is a security door so It is always closed, but we promise we'll open it for you.